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At GCN, we merge our vast technical expertise with our passion for innovation to empower the companies in various industries. We’re committed to delivering cutting-edge application development, strategic digital marketing, comprehensive IT services, and more. Trust us to bring a technological transformation that will pave the way for more efficient business processes.

Project Consulting​

Assessing business's current technology infrastructure, understand their needs, and recommend suitable technology solutions. This involves designing IT strategies and overseeing technology implementation.

Cyber Security

The goal of cybersecurity is to maintain the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of data, ensuring business continuity and protecting the interests of users in the digital world.


By improving keyword rankings, SEO & SEM drives organic traffic to the site, enhances its visibility among potential customers, and improves the likelihood of converting these visits into sales.

Government Procurements

With our vast experience in working with all levels of the Government, we have a track record of success. Our procurement projects range from GSA, 8a, to open bids and more.

Cloud Implementation

The process of deploying a company's digital infrastructure on a cloud platform. This involves migrating data, applications, and IT processes to the cloud, either partially (hybrid cloud) or entirely.

Backup & Recovery

A critical IT service that ensure your company's data is safeguarded and can be easily restored in the event of data loss due to issues like hardware failure, accidental deletion, or cyberattacks.

Staffing & Recruiting

Our highly trained recruiters are specialized in tech and focus on attracting, hiring, and retaining professionals with the necessary technical skills for organizations.

Virtual CTO

A Virtual Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is a highly experienced consultant who offers technical leadership and expertise to businesses, primarily for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that require a seasoned CTO but cannot afford one on a full-time basis. As a part-time or project-based consultant, Virtual CTOs provide a wide range of services such as technology strategy development, IT budgeting, vendor selection, project management, team management, technology architecture design, and more. They can also assist in technology roadmaps, IT infrastructure optimization, cybersecurity measures, and ensuring that technology investments align with business goals.

For startups to remain lean and proficient in today’s fast-paced business world, hiring a Virtual CTO instead of filling a permanent role can be highly beneficial. Virtual CTOs offer the necessary expertise and guidance to develop and maintain the technological landscape of startups without requiring a full-time salary or benefits package.

Solutions For All Industries & Sizes

How We Help small & Mid-sized businesses

No two firms are alike, but specific business sectors share particular challenges and targets that they’d like to achieve. 

Global Solutions For Enterprise Level Clients

We are the trusted resource for companies with their help desk IT. Our technicians troubleshoot issues and with a proactive approach, implement solutions to reduce downtime

Scaling Government Procurements Projects

Global Computers and Networks (GCN) has a client-first approach to implementing technology solutions. When looking at solutions, we focus on the end users and the customers they are servicing.

Health Care












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