How Custom Technology Can Benefit Your Business

Typically, with a paid subscription, you can add your branding to your cloud-based software.

Imagine that you created a website and never updated the template. You did not add your branding, logo, or even your company name. This is what so many companies do with their expensive software and technology. There are so many ways to customize your software to accommodate your branding and your company processes that are included free of charge with your subscription package.

Typically, with a paid subscription, you can add your branding to your cloud-based software. Companies like Slack and Google allow for points of branding to give your software suite a professional touch. It may seem like a small thing to put effort towards, but it can make a much-needed difference as employees work from home and begin to need to separate their personal slack channel from their company account.

Plug-ins are another, often ignored, point of customization for many platforms. Plug-ins can streamline processes by utilizing automation. Being able to pull contacts from Gmail or have messages or directions sent directly from Slack to your phone is part of the wonderful magic of plug-in automation.

So far, we have talked about the ways you can customize software platforms, but if you want to take things a step further, you can have custom platforms created for your business. This can be as simple as paying for a custom website or as complex as creating your own app. Depending on the type of business you conduct, an app may be a future goal for you to expand your social influence and provide a new service for your customers, however, a customer website is an absolute must. If you want to know more about how having your own website will elevate your business, check out this article. (Learn More)

Software and digital media are not the only things that can be customized for your business. Your hardware can be built to match the unique needs of your company. Everything from data storage to laptops can be ordered with the specifications required for you to run your programs and keep your employees efficient. This can be more complex and can get pricey very quickly. If you are trying to upgrade and customize the hardware that you purchase for your team, get in touch with us so that we can walk you through this process and make sure you have everything you need to grow.

How are you using customizations to create a unique presence online or in the real world?

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