The Best Staffing Solution For Your Company

We are ambitious and proud of it. Our goal is to hands down be the best staffing solution for your campany

Going the Extra Mile for Each of our clients

There are no shortage of technical and professional recruiting firm for our clients to choose from. The reason they choose, stay and recommend us however are the key reasons we stand out from the bunch. We have no sales pitches or gimmicky tactics to win your business; simply the mind set of show and prove. What Makes us stand out from the crowd:

  • We are engineers, developers and business minds that know how to get you the right talent

  • We are committed go going further for our clients then any other firm

  • Our low overhead costs allow us to beat industry prices while getting high class service

  • Clients get access to custom social application that changes how you looks at candidates

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Bringing A Social Integration to Your Hiring Process

Interact with Candidates like never before.

We pair clients with potential candidates based of a verity of metrics. Now you can few our recruiting progress and give your input as to which clients your interested in  or just key features.

  • Fully responsive and intuitive design for ease of use

  • See which candidates are interested in your company and positions

  • Quick Access to key stats for fast decisions

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