Cloud Solutions for your Business

GCN offers an entry point to cloud computing whether a client is designing their own virtual private cloud, deploying cloud service, or consuming cloud workload applications.

groupThe IBM cloud framework begins with the physical hardware of the cloud. GCN offers three hardware platforms for cloud computing. These platforms offer built-in support for virtualization. The next layer of the GCN framework is virtualization. GCN has industry partners that have been involved with virtualization technology for over 40 years and offer Websphere application infrastructure solutions that support programming models and open standards for virtualization.

GCN offers tools for cloud based collaboration, development and test, application development, analytics, business-to-business integration, and security.

Management tools provide capabilities to regulate images with automated provisioning and de-provisioning, monitor operations and meter usage while tracking costs and allocating billing. The last layer of the framework provides integrated workload tools. Workloads for cloud computing are services or instances of code that can be executed to meet specific business needs.