Back up & Re. . . relax

Data Backup is the fastest, easiest way to protect your investment. We offer award-winning disk imaging technology helps you protect your entire system—even if you aren’t an IT expert. By combining patented single-pass backups with an easy-to-use interface, we help you capture everything in one single step: operating systems, applications, data, and more.

How long can you survive without your data? In the event of disaster, GCN back up solutions provide fast, one-click recovery of individual files, application data, or a complete system—all from a single backup. Now you can get back to work in minutes, not hours.

More than just backup. Each product in the GCN Backup family is an all-in-one, complete solution tailored to a specific business component: servers, virtual machines, business applications, or individual PCs.  From easy system migrations to innovative storage-saving technology, our full-featured, comprehensive products are all you need.

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Securing your Data

Are you truely backing up your data in the best way? We can let you know.
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Designed for exceptional ease of use, GCN Backup products take the work (and worry) out of data protection:

  • Patented, single-pass disk imaging protects everything in one simple step
  • Recover anything—from an individual email to an entire server—with a few simple clicks
  • Restore systems to different hardware without worrying about compatibilities
  • Migrate systems without the usual complexities (P2P, P2V, V2V, V2P)


Not only are Backups the fastest way to back up your system, it’s also the fastest way to restore it:

  • Near-instant recovery gets an entire system up and running in minutes, not hours
  • Recover business-critical applications without interrupting workflows
  • Browse and restore specific files/folders without having to restore the entire disk image