The Us Labor Statistics has officially published that unemployment is now below 5%; this is the first time unemployment has reached such low numbers since 2008. Although this may be good news for the country as a whole it makes your hiring and recruiting that much more difficult. We’ve found that following these 5 Tips will help you make hiring a little easier.

1) Software Makes things better

There are so many software programs out there for recruiting and managing resumes, make sure you use one that is right for you. This helps any hiring manager stay organized on which candidates offer good potential for current or future position. Don’t navigate the hundred of resumes piled in your inbox reading the same one three times before you realize there has to be a better way.

2) Know what behaviors your looking for

Although experience is always a plus in hiring the right candidate, pay attention on what behaviors you want in your organization. Most qualified candidates will learn your software and business processes, it’s the behaviors and attitudes that they bring to a company that can not be changed. A positive out going attitude ways heavy in the growth of businesses.

3) There are Hundreds of Thousands of job ads out there

It is said that “People don’t apply for jobs, they apply for Companies”. With that holding true, make sure that your ad reflects what type f company your candidate can look forward to working at. A lot of firms are using the popular thought of WWGD (What Would Google Do) and with Google having no short of some of the best engineers in the country, such a metric might not be a bad idea.

4) List Position Pay Scale

Showing potential candidates what the compensation level is helps reduce those who would want something that’s exorbitantly higher. If you have the perfect candidate but you have a gap of $20,000 there may be no room for negotiation and the time spent in getting to that point can add up.